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Monday, May 18, 2009


On Friday, I went to visit my infectious disease doctor, Dr. Jacobsen.  I haven't been to that office in a while, now that I am off of my antibiotics.  It was a riot to see everyone again.  Dr. J. was happy to hear that Dr. Carbonell was going to close up the wound on Tuesday. He can't tell me enough times that as long as the metal hardware is exposed--my risk of infection is very great.  Even with tomorrow's surgery, he still has his doubts that the wound will heal over the metal.  I just have to hope that my body will surprise him.

I attempted to go shopping for some clothes . . . a first since my fall.  I was delighted to see that long, sleeveless dresses seem to be in for this summer.  Perfect fashion to disguise a big, black boot!  Hooray!

Doug and the girls took a late night run over to the home of a family friend to witness the birth of puppies!!!  It was quite an eye-opening experience to see this dog give birth to 10 puppies--one every half-hour.  The girls LOVED it.  
Unfortunately, this experience may have wiped out any chance of us having any grandchildren.  The girls concluded that they don't EVER want to get pregnant now that they know what is involved in giving birth!

I am one of the leaders of our middle/high school youth group at our church.  So, on Saturday, we got on a bus and had a beach outing at Bill Baggs Beach on Key Biscayne.  To protect my foot, I wrapped it up in a garbage bag and hoped that no one would throw it away on accident (just kidding).  The kids helped carry me down to the water and set me up with all my garb on the beach.  The only problem was that I fell asleep and when I woke up--everyone was gone.  I was burned, thirsty, and I had NO way to get back to the picnic area!  So funny.  

Elise was able to come along with us and had a great time hanging out with the big kids.  She was even very impressed that I was able to jump up the three steps of the bus all by myself.  She is such a cheerleader for me.

Annika hung out with Doug on Saturday and brought chickens from the Discovery Barn over to a local farm.  They spent the day checking out animals that could become the newest members of Doug's Barn program.  So much fun.

We are gearing up for having me "out of commission" again this week.  I am excited to begin a new chapter of my healing (maybe even get rid of the tube attached to my ankle?!?!?).  I will let you know how it goes.  

Thanks for all of your prayers!


P.S.  As usual, Dr. Jacobsen ended my appointment on Friday with a bad joke.  Here it is . . .

So, Dr. J. was meeting with a husband and wife who had just found out that their son had been in a terrible accident and was in need of a brain transplant.  The doctors explained to the parents that there were two brains available for the transplant.  One was the brain of a young man which would cost $100,000.  The other was the brain of a woman which would cost $30,000.  As the parents considered their options, they felt they had to ask why there was such a difference in the cost of the two brains.  The doctor said, "Well, the woman's brain is used."

Baddum-bum.  (I told you it was bad.)

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