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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We are making progress, people!

Sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference: the cherry on top, the new windshield wipers, or the cold drink on a hot day.  For me, right now, the little thing that is making me so happy is my new, sleek, FLESH-colored compression sock that I bought yesterday at a medical supply store!  No matter what—I need to always wear an elasticized stocking to keep blood from pooling in my foot throughout the day.  But the one they have been giving me at the Wound Care Center each week--called a tubigrip (pictured here before I burned it)--always ends up looking so frayed and gross.  

The guy at the store told me the new stocking wouldn't work because it would run when I put a hole in it for my VAC tube.  He obviously has never used a bit of clear nail polish to stop a run in a new pair of pantyhose!!  Please!  I globbed on a ton of polish, poked a hole in the middle, and VOILA!, a custom compression sock!  Please enjoy the picture of my sexy leg in its new compression sock while being treated by my bone growth stimulator (are we sure this site is still rated G?).

My other big news is that I am having surgery on Tuesday!  As expected, my wound has decreased in size but my skin just doesn’t want to heal over the metal bracket.  Rather than create a new 5-inch incision to remove the bracket, he is going to do a procedure that he describes as “pulling purse strings.”  Basically, he will sew metal threads around the perimeter of my wound (it is now about the size of a nickel), and then pull the strings to close the wound.  Prior to pulling, he will remove some of the scar tissue that has caused the healed area to be so dense and thick.  HOPEFULLY, this will finally bring an end to my open wound issues!

He is also going to do a procedure to my big toe to allow it to flex again.  He said that it is common for the toe to become “frozen” as a result of an ankle injury like mine.  He will cut into the toe to release something or other (didn’t catch the name) that will allow me to walk better in the future.  He warns me that this will be the most painful part of the recovery.

Unfortunately, this will mean that I can’t go to see Margarita for at least two weeks while I heal.  I have to remember that this surgery will probably set me back for a while again.  I have been enjoying a period of time where things seem to be moving forward and I can almost actually believe that I might walk on my own again.  Being immobile again will probably be a little scary.  Remind me of this when I start whining on my blog at the end of next week, OK?

Love to you all! 


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