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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Before I begin, here is a late St. Patrick's Day joke told to me by my infectious disease doctor . . . Here it is -- Name a famous Irish outdoorsman.  (Answer at the end)

I really miss Doug.  I feel like we are just barely limping along (literally and figuratively) without him.  He left me these sweet little lunches in the fridge so the girls can grab them in the morning and leave them by my bed.  It will be good to have our family back together again on Sunday night.

My friend, Nancy, wheeled me through the entire Miami Metro Zoo this morning (a huge walk if you haven't been there before).  We went early to miss the school field trips and such.  All of the animals were awake and active--like they were waiting for us to come.  

I am still milling over all the news Dr. Carbonell gave me on Tuesday and am feeling a little "antsy in my pantsy."  I want to get hopping on doing my physical therapy.  I am ready to just rip some skin off my thigh (never looked very good in a bathing suit anyway so may as well do some permanent damage) and put it over my wound.  This waiting around for natural healing is boring.  :)  Just kidding.  

I act like I have all these better things to do but the reality still remains that I SLEEP CONSTANTLY.  I am just-plain pooped.  I sat in a wheelchair this morning at the zoo for less than two hours and came home feeling like I had just run a marathon.  I felt better when I had a home evaluation this afternoon from my home nursing company.  The nurse just emphasized again that the antibiotics that I am on completely wear you down and urged me to GET THE REST I NEED.  I feel guilty resting.  I feel like I should be working.

Oh well--just venting a little again.

Love you all!


P.S.  Answer:  Patio Furniture!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

 Well, it only makes sense after my Saturday entry that I am now telling you that my husband is leaving me.  NO--not "leaving"me--heaven forbid.  He is just leaving to go to New Orleans for a science conference until Sunday night.  I am in a little bit of denial about what this really means for us.  I am sure I will be writing you soon to tell you of the piles of laundry, filthy floors, boring (or non-existent) meals, and the eerie dullness that has plagued our house since his departure.  If any of you would like to stop by around bedtime to help us all get settled in for the night.  Feel free!  


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

WATCH OUT FOR THAT CURVE BALL!!!  I think that is what someone should have said before I entered Dr. Carbonell's office today.  Just when I thought I knew what was going on--everything changed.  

One--I need to stay on the antibiotics for at least another month (maybe longer).  Both of my doctors agree that there is a great likelihood that the bacteria is still hiding out in the bone. They are both afraid that if I go off the antibiotics, that the bacteria will come out from the bone, kill it--and then I could lose the foot.  Oh . . . I hadn't heard about that.  This is a very real concern--one they will have to weigh with causing damage to my kidneys and liver from being on the antibiotics for too long.

Two--I am NOT going for physical therapy anytime soon.  Dr. Carbonell wants my wound to be closed up first before I start sweating and moving my foot all around.  For now, he wants me to continue to move it around on my own and put pressure on it when I walk with my walker. (The pictures show my wound before and after dermagraft.  The milky appearance is the dermagraft that my own tissue has "absorbed."  The VAC will now encourage my own skin cells to fill in the rest.) 

Three--He foresees me wearing my velcro boot and using my walker until AT LEAST August.  Now picture this in July with a bathing suit (Really--I'm not complaining).

Four--If it means that I have to be in a standing position--he does not want me to return to work until August.  I think I will figure out a way to teach sitting down.

Five--If the wound does not close up in a month, he will have me go through another surgery to remove the plate by my ankle and use my own skin to cover the wound.  Right now, my own tissue and the dermagraft is resisting growing over the metal plate (you can see from the pictures).  The plate is quite long so he would really have to cut far above and below the wound to remove it, but if it refuses to heal--we will have no choice.

Six--I am wearing the VAC again (see the tube?).  The constant suction will encourage the tissue to grow.

FINALLY--on a personal note--I wore real pants today for the first time (wipe away a tear).  And . . . I was able to speak to my students today at their weekly chapel to talk about the struggles and blessings that have come from this injury.  So good to see them.

Love to you all!