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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The horse was sent to the glue factory.  Very sad.  Long story short, the horse heart just never wanted to attach itself to my body--or really--to the metal hardware in the middle of my wound.  Instead of drying out like a scab, it just stayed incredibly goopy and kept falling off the wound.  When Dr. Carbonell saw it again yesterday at Wound Care, he decided it would just be best to throw it away. He also scraped the last little remaining bit of dermagraft (the foreskin stuff) that was hanging around my wound.  My body is just insisting to close up this wound on its own without help.  Very independent wound. 
So, now being into this for 12 weeks, I am still dealing with an open wound, IV antibiotics, weekly liver and kidney blood tests, regular visits from my home health nurse to take care of the wound, a rickety walker, lots of medicines, and an unbelievable inability to move with ease from place to place.  But, heah!--what did I think was going to happen?!?!?  No biggie.  Nothing a smile and a positive attitude can't conquer.  

The one thing that has made a huge difference is . . . (I hate to tell you) . . . I am driving.  It seems a little odd that someone who can't walk should be trusted behind the wheel--but it has been going very well.  I have driven about four times now and know how to position my foot for optimum strength and comfort.  On the night that Elise and I came back early from Marco Island, I decided that I would take Elise over to Walgreens to get some milk.  Elise is always up for anything so she didn't seem too concerned to get into the car with me.  However, when I happened to check up on her at a stoplight, I noticed that she had secured all THREE of the back seat seatbelts on herself--just in case.  Stinker.  

Dr. Carbonell also decided to go ahead and send me to physical therapy even though my wound is still open.  He really wants me to work on getting more weight bearing and (drumroll) to work on learning to walk again.  He continues to caution me that the bone may shatter or die in different places over the next 6 months (that would be bad--many more months of recovery from new surgeries).  

So--I will continue to think good thoughts, pray, stay positive, do what I am told to do, and love my family!  What more can I do?

Love to you all!


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