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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello, I'm home! Mom and I left the hospital around 7:00 pm on Monday night and finally got home. The house was neat, Doug was working on spelling words with Elise, and Annika was getting her stuff ready for school. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Since then, I really haven't left my bed other than to go to the bathroom and sit in the living room to look at our Christmas lights (no ladders were used in the hanging of the lights this year). I just want to be still and rest. I don't want to do anything to mess up the outcome of this surgery.

One of Dr. Carbonell's residents, Mai, came by to see me on Monday and took all of the bandages off (Click on "Great Fall Wound Pics" to see them). The stitches look awesome. There is a large incision site on the right side of my ankle, and then two smaller sites on the left side and under my heel. These are all the places where the screws would have been put through the bone. I can't wait to see copies of the X-rays to see what is in there.

Lord willing--I really think these will heal up in a few weeks like normal wounds (not like ones that take 10 months to heal).

I make a ton of noise with my walker at night (the four trips to the bathroom, getting my antibiotics loaded into my PICC line, taking meds, etc.) so Doug is sleeping in Elise's room. Besides juggling all the responsibilities with the house, kids, etc.--he is getting back to school, and dealing with a lot of sadness. I want for him to get as much sleep as he can and let my night nurses take care of me.

So, Annika slept with me last night. We cuddled, read, and talked about her trip to Michigan. It was so nice to be with her. She suddenly seems so much older to me.

Tonight, Elise and I did some homework and then watched a movie of the Nutcracker (starring none other than a very young Macaulay Culkin as the Young Prince). She is going to see it in real life tomorrow on a field trip with her class. As my night nurse tonight (here she is on duty), she made me promise that she could put the flush and heparin in my PICC line tomorrow morning.

I have to mention that Shannon, my dear niece back in Michigan, colored in this beautiful poster for me as a get well card. It is now next to my bed making me feel better. I, too, will someday be a Beach Princess (or at least be able to get my foot wet with salt water!). Thanks, Shannon!

I should be going to see Dr. Carbonell soon so I will let you know what is going on then.

Love to you all, my friends--


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