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Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Weebles wobble but they don't fall down . . ."  Do you remember that jingle?  That is the theme song I have running in my head when I try to walk.  I kind of wobble side to side like a penguin.  

Do I sound like I am complaining!?!?  NO . . .!  I love being able to move from place to place AND hold something in my hands AT THE SAME TIME!  Such a concept.  I basically go without my walker when travelling short distances . . . bed to bathroom, kitchen sink to refrigerator, couch to TV, etc.   The rest of the time I use my walker for extra support, and to take a little weight off my foot.  

Thanks to my newfound mobility, we were able to join some friends on their boat.  It was fantastic.  The girls enjoyed looking into the water, fishing, swimming, looking for sea critters, and playing with good friends.  I kept my foot dry by putting it in a bag.  After four hours in the sun, it was nice and "fork-tender" by 
the time we got back to the dock.  Just in time for dinner.

Doug and I worked in the yard today, trying to accomplish some of the tree trimming we started (and abruptly stopped) on the day I fell in January.  When I went inside to put my foot up for a while, the girls suddenly came in screaming saying that Dad was on a ladder.  They grabbed a camera to gather "photographic evidence" of his risky behavior (do you see him in there?).  Even though he managed to live through standing on the top rung of the ladder (don't we ever learn?!?!?), he later stumbled on a tree root and cut his leg with his saw.  
Luckily I have enough medical supplies in my house at this point to safely perform a face transplant in my bathtub.  However, Doug and I wonder if we might live longer if we just hired people to take care of our yard.  Something to consider . . .

We are all looking forward to Father's Day tomorrow.  

Love to you all!



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