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Monday, June 29, 2009

Ham, bacon, pig latin, swine flu, pigs feet . . . there are many things that come from pigs. But for me, none of them are as awesome as pig intestine! When they took off my bandages last week, my wound looked really good. Now that I have a little bit of my own tissue covering up the metal, the pig intestine creates a "bridge" for my skin cells to grab onto.

So, now we are just going to put on a layer of Oasis (the official name of the pig) each week and pray that my skin keeps growing. We think, LORD WILLING, that my wound will finally be closed by August or September. It will be so sweet when that thing is finally closed.

I am still enjoying walking with my boot--knowing that it will all come to an end when I start up with physical therapy again. Without my boot, my foot almost feels like a skeleton being held together by nothing more but a layer of skin. Everything inside feels very loosey-goosey--like it could fall apart and crumble at any second. Once I can start back with PT, my dear Margarita and I can strengthen my foot and HOPEFULLY get me walking on it. I have learned not to put timelines on these things anymore--it will happen when it happens.

Doug and I are going through a few growing pains as we figure out our new "roles." I have always enjoyed being the one who chips away at the coral rock to dig a hole in our backyard, puts together the new furniture from IKEA, or builds the new pergola by the pool. As I look around and see things that need to get done, it is so hard for me to sit by and wait for Doug to have a chance to get to them. I feel like he is having to do everything alone--whereas before we would have done it together.

I had the best time helping the girls build a fort the other day. As long as they are available to go after my tools, I can cut wood and nail on one foot with no problem. :)

Both of my brothers are coming in this week so we can have a little immediate VanderZee family "reunion." My younger brother, Glenn, is already here with his whole family and we are having a great time. It's nice to be up and walking for my brothers. So good to be together.

I will let you know about my next meeting with the pig!


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