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Friday morning, February 6, 2009

I got the sweetest package of notes from Ms. McCoy’s class last night.  After reading some of the comments, you will easily see why I adore working with young children.  So precious . . . 

Dear Mrs. Heetderks,

  • “I know that God is taking care of you and I don’t want you to forget that.”
  •  “I have been praying and praying.  We all need Jesus’ healing every once and a while. I just wish that the 10 foot ladder was only one foot tall.”
  • “Mr. Heetderks told us about you on January 27 and he almost cried.”
  •  “You are the best art teacher in the whole world.  You taught me stuff that my brother doesn’t know and he is in 8th grade.”
  • “I prayed for you last night.  My family prayed for you and even my hamster prayed for you.”
  • “You are really blessed.  My mom said that it is a miracle that you are alive.”

In addition to these sweet kids, I know that so many of you have been praying for my family and me.  Thank you for

 all of your words of encouragement. I hope to be sending my next update to you from my home.  Time will tell. 

Love to all--Anne

(The pictures show my students making their own Sistine Chapel by painting on the underside of our tables, and creating Michelangelo-inspired gesture drawings of their peers.)

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