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Saturday, February 1, 2009 - morning

We continue to wait for the results of the culture taken on Thursday.  If the results come back negative, that will mean that the antibiotics have managed to kill off the infection in my wound and I will be able to go home.  Over the last few days, Dr. Carbonell's residents have continued to clean and rewrap my wound every day.  The VAC has already sucked out an amazing amount of "gook" that otherwise would have stayed in my foot.  I have decided to refrain from posting a picture of the collection tank on the VAC--NOT pretty.  The suction of the VAC not only removes drainage, but it encourages blood flow and tissue growth in the wound.  Who knew suction could make such a difference--but we have already noticed new growth and healthy-looking tissue from just three days on the VAC. 

I was able to reconnect with Doug and the girls this weekend which was a blessing.  Nothing like sharing a little chicken curry together (and a visit from the therapy dog) to heal the soul.  Thanks to all of you who have written such beautiful words of encouragement, prayed fervent prayers for healing, and lifted my family up by doing everything from making meals to installing a shower head with a hand-held wand in our bathroom!  I will let you know the results of my test when I get them.  Much love to all--Anne

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