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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well, folks—It may not be pretty, but I am going to get through it.  That’s all I have to say.

Dr. Jacobsen told me that we have run out of options for antibiotics so I have to stay on the one I am on now.  He wants me to take the Benadryl to try to control the itchy/swelling side effects, and take Advil to ease the fever and achiness.  We are all hoping that I can manage to just get through the next three weeks on it and then I will be “out of the woods.”  He is going to have my blood tested twice a week to make sure that my white blood cell count doesn’t go seriously low again.  If it does, he will have no choice than to take me off of it early.  That is a little scary--especially because the wound is wide open with exposed hardware right now. 

Because of this, Dr. Carbonell is really trying to get the insurance company to approve covering my wound with dermagraft.  He thinks this will work much better than if he were to cover the wound with my own skin.  From what I can tell, dermagraft is a “skin substitute” that stimulates your own skin cells to multiply and heal around the wound.  If I am taken off the antibiotic a little early—at least the wound is covered. 

On a more personal note—Elise was my night nurse last night.  She has been afraid to stay by me at night because she is afraid that she will kick me.  She never kicked me—just kept me nice and warm. 

Love to you all!!!


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