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Friday-Monday, February 13-16, 2009

Long story short . . . time and detective work have revealed some new truths.  The PIC line was, in fact, NOT infected.  So, I no longer need to take the Cubicin antibiotic.  They are glad about all this because it means that there was no new bacteria introduced into my bloodstream.  I will go in on Wednesday to have a new PIC placed in my arm so I don't have to use these temporary IV lines.

I had a blood drawn today to see if my white blood cell count is higher.  Judging by the fact that my fever/body aches have decreased, I really think it will be much better this time around.  In the end, I think the change in antibiotics (from Zosyn to Primaxin) has made the difference.  Unless there are any major developments, I will continue to take the Primaxin for another couple months to keep the ankle site clear of infection.

Although I still have very frequent "crashes," where I suddenly get very weak, clammy, and faint--most agree that I just need to eat plenty of good food, get lots of rest, and have Gatorade or apple juice nearby for a quick boost.

I decided to include some pictures from our weekend together.

These show . . .

- Me all wrapped up to take my first shower in 11 days!!!

- Doug and Mom (my caretakers) reading my blog about how much I appreciate
 my caretakers!!! :)

- Me waiting for Doug to get the car outside Dr. Jacobsen's office.

- Elise and me opening up all of the wonderful "Get Well" cards that we have received from all 
of our wonderful friends and family!!!

- We tried to have a family movie night where Dad did not fall asleep during the first 3 minutes of the movie . . .  Not only did he fall asleep but so did the dog.

- Elise gave me a fantastic leg and foot massage while watching Arthur.

- Annika has been sleeping with me every night because she is a great nurse AND she doesn't wake up when I hobble (loudly) to the bathroom a million times throughout the night.  Elise wanted to try out being a night nurse, too, so she decided to sleep on the floor (she was worried that she might kick me in her sleep).

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