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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Well--it is very late but I just felt the need to share a few things.

1) I went all day without googling anything about amputation. Sometimes it is best not knowing.

2) I slept most of the day. In the morning, I dreamt that I was going around a very artsy village--breaking into cool shops and stealing all kinds of hand-made sweaters, jewelry, cards, etc. I was so excited and then I felt so guilty so I tried to return the items and things weren't going very well. I woke up just before I was about to get arrested. I have no idea what this dream means but I'm glad that I know that I am in no condition to go around shoplifting anytime soon.

3) I was thinking tonight that it would be so nice if my appointment with Dr. Hutson on Thursday afternoon could go well. Just then, I went to open two cards--one from my incredible Grandma (she has been sending me one card every day), and one from a dear older lady in our church who is affectionately known as Grandma Hyacinth.

Grandma's card said: "His eye is on the sparrow and He cares for you."

Grandma Hyacinth's card said: "I am with you and will watch over you."

Made me feel like God was sending me a clear message that He was keeping an eye on me. Forget about the flaws of our human medical institutions--I have the Great Physician watching over me.

Love to you all, my friends--


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