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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yikes! January 9--where have I been?

First--Happy New Year to all of you, my faithful and wonderful friends! We spent the New Year's Eve with the Kern family down at their Keys place. A little before midnight, the kids put on glow necklaces and started throwing those Pop-It things at anything that would make them explode. They were so happy--writing their names in the air with their sparklers, scaring each other in the dark, howling at the blue moon overhead, and creating fires out of fallen palm
fronds (making me very nervous). We were so busy that the sudden appearance of fireworks in the sky was our first indication that it was indeed--2010.

Standing on the dock watching every firework display going off for miles down the shore, I suddenly felt like I was being given a fresh start. It was a new year--2009 was gone--with all of its struggles--and we were starting new.

It is so weird, but ever since then, I feel like I am on a new journey with my ankle. My scooter, boot, dressing changes--they all feel like something that has been with me forever. Somehow they have become my "normal"--almost like they are just another one of life's mundane chores like brushing your teeth or walking the dog. So, wondering if my bones will heal, the infection will clear up, or if I am facing an amputation in a year or two--all feels like a journey that we have just started--rather than a continuation of the struggles of the past year.

So, with great joy I returned to work this week and was reunited with all of my faithful students. Although I am wiped by the end of the day--it is a "good" wiped. The biggest difference is that I am in no pain. So wonderful.

My infectious disease doctor was initially pleased with the appearance of the scab over my wound--only to become suspicious when it became wet with drainage and smeared off. Although it is almost 7 weeks post-op and my one stubborn spot refuses to close up--he is remaining "cautiously optimistic" that my wound will close. He took my off the IV antibiotics last week saying that the antibiotics have done all they can at this point. Now it is a waiting game to see if things starting going downhill. I am just praying that the wound will close. That would be so reassuring.

Dr. Carbonell said that he saw some signs of bone growth on my last X-ray but we won't really know anything for sure until April. Until then, I may not put ANY weight on my foot. This means that I am always on my scooter, and (the real bummer) I can't drive. We made it one week so far with all of us sharing one car and we survived. We'll have to see if we are still speaking to each other by Valentine's Day.

I feel compelled to thank all of you who have been praying for us and helping us get through this rough year. It has been a tough journey--but filled with precious life lessons that will help us weather the future storms that come in living every day.

We love you so much--

Thanks to you all!


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