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Sunday, December 6, 2009

I had one of those downer days today. Just not feeling very hopeful. I know, I know . . . think positive. I am. I just had a few setbacks (pain, bleeding, insurance hangups) this weekend that made me feel down.

Which brings me to an email I received last week. I get this email from "Sarah" who somehow found my blog on the internet. She, too, fell while dealing with blasted Christmas lights. However, this amazing woman is in her early twenties and has been at this for two years now.

She wrote, "My own journey began when I fell off our two story roof on November 30, 2007. My left leg and foot took the worst of it, I shattered my calcaneus, talus, and the lower part of my tibia and fibula. I had spiral fractures running the length of my tibia, followed my a tibial plateau fracture. My knee cap was dislocated, and tore my ACL, MCL, PCL, patellar tendon, medial, and lateral meniscus. My right ankle sustained a trimalleolar fracture, which has healed wonderfully, leaving me with very little or no pain at all. I had a total of three separate pelvic fractures, which required the use of an external fixator to hold it together while healing. Then moving upward I fractured my L1, and L2 vertebrae, which thankfully didn't cause any spinal cord damage. Followed by a broken left wrist and elbow, which required surgery as well."

Bless her heart, she has recovered from the majority of her injuries--except for her left ankle. She had almost the same surgery I just had last February, but the bones did not join. She is now struggling to decide whether to amputate her leg or to spend more time in an external fixator.

We could share that idea of feeling like life is passing you by as you wait for your body to heal. Sarah tells me that she thinks I am so strong--when it is SHE that has inspired me.

I had a down day, yes. But if Sarah can still have dreams of getting back to college, starting a business, and getting back into life--than so can I. Good grief--I am just dealing with an ankle.

So for today, I would love it if you could pray for my new friend, Sarah. She doesn't like people feeling sorry for her (I can relate). But she really needs to decide how to move forward with her treatment. As for me, I pray that a few financial details can get worked out tomorrow and that my doctor can give me some encouraging words on my healing so far.

Love to you all--


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