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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Surgery #7 . . . coming on up!

After getting my bandages unravelled at Wound Care the other day, we found that my ever-lovin' wound is still very happy with the pig intestine. The wound has really filled in. If my insurance company was willing to pay for Dermagraft (the human newborn foreskin stuff), we would start covering the whole wound with that to create a final top layer of skin. However, since they won't, Dr. Carbonell has decided to try to sew the whole thing shut during a short surgery. He will probably make some cuts on either side of the wound and then sew it together--once and for all--HOPEFULLY!

We have been planning to leave on Monday for Doug's family reunion in Indianapolis for one week. The last time I had a surgery and then left immediately on a trip--my whole face blew up from the antibiotics. Therefore, we decided to hold off on having the surgery until we get back. Just in time for school to start!

Speaking of school . . . Doug and I are getting into our usual July groove of endlessly researching possible teaching themes for the new school year. Doug, Annika, and our neighbor boys went to pick up some emus for Doug's barnyard. Between keeping athletic socks over the emus heads, trying to keep the six-foot animals from standing up in the car (after breaking through the duct tape holding their legs together!), and attempting to keep green, goopy poop from getting on every inch of Doug's upholstery, it was an interesting--and somewhat terrifying--ride. The boys next door are begging to come along when Doug has to pick up the next load of animals.

I was in the bathroom the other day when one of God's creatures--a cockroach--came creeping out from who knows where. I felt like it was coming out in broad daylight, just to emphasize the fact that I can't move fast enough in my current condition to stomp on him. He literally looked straight into my eyes and said, "Oh, yea, disabled lady . . . like you are going to catch me." Cocky little cockroach.

I did my best to use a roll of toilet paper to smash it while navigating on one foot around my scooter and the toilet. But, alas--he was too fast for me. Just when I thought I would have to surrender to that cocky bug, he decided to take refuge under one of the wheels of my scooter. With one easy push of my finger, I rolled right over that cockroach and killed him good. Score one for the disabled lady.

Love to you all!


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