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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We had a great time at the Fair the other night.  A friend from school got us a VIP pass that allowed us to get in for free, and park right by the entrance.  So, my parents, brother, sister-in-law, Doug, the girls, and I all jammed into my parents' car with the wheelchair "securely" tied to the top of the car.  Hilarious.  

I quickly realized that one has complete loss of control when being wheeled around in a wheelchair.  I have never thought about how I "navigate" through a crowd, but being at the will of someone else's choice of movement was very interesting.  I spent the entire night reassuring frightened strangers that my outstretched leg was not about to impale them (when really I wasn't sure if that was going to be true). 

When being pushed by Elise, she would be talking about the cotton candy stand just as I was seeing a huge trash can coming straight for me.  It wouldn't be until we hit the can that she realized that she wasn't watching where we were going.  Other times I got stuck in front of the guy with the microphone beckoning me to try to get the ring on the neck of a bottle to win an ugly, overstuffed animal.  I can't stand that section.

The plus side of being in a wheelchair is the automatic connection you have with everyone else who is getting around without walking.  From the disabled guy in the battery powered scooter to the old lady in the wheelchair, we all kind of find each other and share a knowing smile. Being able to have the front row seat at every show is really nice, too.

The sweetest part of being at the Fair was hearing my kids squeal in delight when twirling and whirling on the rides.  Things always haven't been real joyful for them lately so it was great to see them having some good ol' fashioned fun at the Fair.

Good times.

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